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BE yourself – be authentic

What is life / psychosocial counseling anyway?

Most people have been in difficult (life) situations at one time or another and may have thought to themselves “how do I get out of this…?” / Who can really help me…? Who really listens to me?

Some may have then talked to friends and / or family and received different approaches and advice and even more so did not know what to do….

A conversation with a psychological counselor, on the other hand, is different, there is absolute confidentiality and secrecy, there is no advice here, no vested interests,.. but there is also no patent remedy for solving the individual problem.

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Be yourself, be authentic

It has been my experience that many people behave differently in their private as well as professional lives than they might normally do.

There can be many reasons for this, e.g. to please someone, to want to please the counterpart / e.g. the boss, to simply not want to attract attention, etc.

That’s all fine, however, in some cases, for oneself, it can be difficult to maintain the behavior / “facade”. At some point, the time usually comes when the person “comes out of his shell” and reacts differently than the environment knows and expects. All are distraught and do not know their way around….

It happened to me too and then I decided to do it differently more authentically, to be myself….
I like to support my clients in finding themselves again and being more authentic.

be authentic

Christoph Reichel

My original professional career was very much characterized by technology, until I discovered my interest in the management of projects and business units in an international industrial group, where I have been working since 2002.

Offer advice Reichel

My offer is my full attention, I take time for the problems, situations of the clients, listen and ask questions, support and accompany the development process with different tools and methodologies.

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